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Hispanic woman wearing a Black Breastfeeding week Tee Shirt under black blazer

10 Ways to Style Your Favorite Graphic Tee

Looking to elevate your casual graphic tee for a night out? Pair it with a chic blazer and a pair of high-waisted trousers. The blazer adds a touch of sophistication, while the trousers create a polished look.
by Caleb Windley on September 10, 2023
Two Girls wearing tee shirts from two of our collections

Making a Grand Statement: The Power of Custom Graphic Tees - Part one

"Custom graphic tees are a powerful tool for personal expression. They allow you to showcase your personality, interests, beliefs, or even your sense of humor. You can literally wear your heart on your sleeve with a message or image that resonates with you."
by Caleb Windley on September 10, 2023



Explore the intersection of faith and fashion with our JTK Christian Urban Apparel blog. Discover the latest trends, timeless styles, and inspiring insights that unite spirituality with urban culture. Join us as we blend faith and fashion into a vibrant tapestry of expression and empowerment.



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