JIL, stands for "Jesus Is Lord", an apparel collection that embodies the spirit of faith, resilience, and divine royalty. The logo, a golden representation of the acronym 'JIL' crowned with a regal gold crown, signifies the sovereignty and majesty of Jesus. The line draws its inspiration from Isaiah 53:5, a testament to healing and redemption, reflecting the brand's commitment to spreading messages of hope, strength, and divine love through fashion. Each piece is designed to be more than just clothing - it's a statement of faith, a testament of belief, and a symbol of spiritual identity.

JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Collection

JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Snapback Hat


JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Unisex Joggers


JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Unisex Luxury Hoodie


JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Unisex Cuffed Beanie


JIL (Jesus Is Lord) XL Logo Unisex Joggers


JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Socks


JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Unisex 2PC Sweatsuit


JIL (Jesus Is Lord) Gym Bag

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